When you are looking for a card game to play, they do not come much more classic than blackjack. This is an excellent choice which a lot of people enjoy on a regular basis, as the game can really change each time you play it and therefore is a great option for something that you can play over and over again without beginning to feel bored of it. You will find that you are able to come across many different variations on the rules and twists to make it more exciting too, so you can go for any kind of format that you like when you are playing.

You can play one round of blackjack in a very short amount of time indeed, as this is a great game which has a lot of appeal to it and does not take long to play through – nor to learn in the first place, as it is really quite simple. Your aim is to get a hand total which is as close to twenty one as possible without going bust, in order to beat the dealer: going bust means getting a score of twenty two or higher, and will mean that you automatically lose the game, but if you get a twenty one right off the bat then you can also automatically win and get a great payout. This is a fantastic way to start thinking about card games and strategy if you are new to online casino gaming in general, as you will find that the game can be very simple – but you can also take it a bit further and really get into some complex ideas if you want to. The way that your hand total is worked out is simply by adding up the numbers on the cards – with the exception of those which are represented by numbers, which all have their own values too. You will find that you can remember these very easily, as the K, Q, and J are all worth ten points to make things much more simple, while the A can be worth either one point or eleven points depending on what would better suit your hand. This can often help you out when you have a tricky hand to work with: you are allowed to draw more cards from the deck to boost your hand value, but you always risk going over the total of twenty one, so being able to take ten points off is very useful.

You will find that you can have a lot of fun with blackjack once you have played your first couple of games and figured out how to play. It is all about that question of whether you should take another card and risk getting one which has too high a value so that you go bust, or to stick with what you already have risk not being able to beat the dealer – and the answer may be different according to how you like to play.