One of the most exciting games that you will come across in any casino is craps, as it is a real classic game with a lot of great features that make it more filled with action than most of the games that you will come across. It also puts you right at the centre of that action, as you get to roll the dice in order to see what they outcome of each round will be – particularly when you play at online casinos, as then you will not have to share those duties with any other player around the table.

The great thing about craps is that there is only one version of this game. There are no rule variations to look out for, and no twists that you can find in certain places – it is just this one single format all the way, and though there are other dice games out there they do not follow the same structure and are named differently to avoid confusion. There is in fact no real need to make any adjustments to this game or give it any extra features because it already has plenty of excitement, with both main bets and side bets available, and a game which could really go any way every single time that you play. It could all be over in the first round, or it could go on for ages – you just never know which way it is going to be, as it all relies on the way that the dice land and what numbers end up showing up on them when you see them stop rolling! In each round, there are three possible outcomes, based around the two main bets that you could go for from the start.

The first outcome is that the don’t pass bet wins; the second outcome is that the pass line bet wins; and the third outcome is that the game carries on for another round before you find out which one of them has won. Once you get on to the second round, you can also make side bets on what exactly you think is going to come up on the dice, which will allow you to add a bit more excitement and drama to the game – as if it did not have enough already – and will allow you to win extra money even if your main bet ends up being a losing one!

There are plenty of ways in which you can really craps to the fullest, so make sure that you are able to find a version of the game which has great graphics and animations so that you get a real sense of entertainment out of it – and make sure that you spend as much time as possible really having fun with this game, in which you do not have to worry about things like strategy or how to beat the other players because you are all playing alongside one another rather than against one another as elsewhere.