As one of the most iconic and recognisable casino games in the world, roulette has a huge following and is a popular choice with many first time casino goers as well as those who gamble on a regular basis. The really great thing about roulette is that it is such a quick game that you can spend ten minutes at it and move on with a decent number of rounds under your belt, so it is perfect for those who are always in a rush or who like to try out lots of different things in order to keep their attention span going.

You will find that there are three different kinds of roulette, and these are the only three variations that you are likely to come across (although in places like California, where roulette is not allowed in land based casinos, you will find that the operators will come up with unique and innovative ways of recreating the game using cards – though this is not strictly speaking a real example of roulette). These are American roulette, European roulette, and French roulette, of which the first two are the most popular and the third is not very common at all. This is because the American game tips the odds very slightly in favour of the house and the European and French games go the other way, and since they are very similar most casinos do not feel that it is necessary to have both of them on offer when just one would suffice. The way that the game works is that you place a bet on one of the options that are available – of which there are quite a few, so you should be able to pick them very easily – and you then wait for the game to begin, which will happen instantly if you are playing online. Then the roulette wheel will spin, and a small ball is dropped onto it which will at first run around the very outside edge of the wheel as the motion keeps it higher; as time goes on it will rapidly start to drop lower and perhaps also bounce on the wheel, until gravity pulls it down lower and lower and it eventually ends up dropping into one of the slots around the inside of the wheel, at which point it will be caught in place and will not be able to move again.

The number that it has landed on is the one which determines the outcome of the roulette game, as any bets which have that number included in them will be paid out and all others will have lost. This means that it is very easy to figure out the outcome of your game as soon as the ball stops, and so when you have an instant payout as you do with an online casino the whole round takes place in a matter of minutes – and you can count those on one hand rather than needing both of them.