The Australian government has never had a good relation with the online gambling industry. For some reason, they just don’t get along. According to the latest news the country’s Interactive Gambling Act will be reviewed and there may be a possibility that all lice odds games may be stopped. Why? Because the government believes that these games are ‘plaguing the country’s youth’. Hmmm… has anyone heard of LSD? They seem to be getting around much faster among the youth than online gambling games!

The review will take a closer look at the “growth of online gambling and the impact of smart phones and the convergence of new and existing technologies.” The review will also check the efficiency of the current technical, operational and enforcement provisions related to the advertising of online casino games. It always seems like the Australian politicians have an undying vendetta against online gambling. And to retaliate we have to constantly remind them of the comments made by Dr. Patrick Basham who found that retirees live happier and healthier lives “largely or exclusively through gambling”. When the government just give it a rest?