Not too long ago, we made the trip down to Montego Bay to check in with our friends at BetJamaica. As always, these guys offered fantastic island hospitality. And, they were eager to show off all the improvements that had been made since our last visit. So, after getting settled in to the hotel and grabbing a quick bite, we set off for the BetJam offices, since we wanted to tell you about sports betting as well as online casino games.

BetJamaica’s General Manager Scotty Johnson, strangely enough does NOT sport dreadlocks. That’s a good thing too as Joe has little patience for white non-Jamaican dudes that try to cop the whole rasta vibe. And, as much as we really like the man, Scotty in dreads would look about as sharp as a sack of wet mice. But, we digress.

So, Scotty takes us on the grand tour and it is evident at first glance that BetJamaica has continued to grow and strengthen since our last trip down. There are new offices being built out to host additional customer service and support personnel. We see a number of additional stations going in to seat more betting clerks. More and faster servers as well as the latest in updated internet security hardware are being installed. All in all, it’s evident that business is booming down here on the island. And, it’s clear that the guys at BetJamaica are not resting on their laurels. They’re doing whatever it takes to continue improving their already stellar sports betting services.

That level of commitment to providing the best for their players is one of the main reasons that BetJamaica is considered by sports bettors around the world to be one of only a few elite online sportsbook operations. They are fast on posting their lines, quick to grade wagers and even faster to resolve any rare problems that may arise. And, in terms of deposits and withdrawals, not many online gaming operations come close to BetJam’s banking. Lightning fast payouts, free sportsbook-to-sportsbook transfers, and multiple easy deposit methods are BetJamaica hallmarks.

If you’re looking for a place to bet on sports of any kind; and, if you’re not allergic to professional, personalized service and attention, then you really need to give BetJamaica a closer look. And, when you sign up, be sure to tell ‘em we sent you … there’s some free deposit bonus money waiting for you!