Before you play a single hand at Party Poker, make sure you read this entire page that will prepare you to be a winner in Australian online gambling.  I am going to show you almost everything I know about beating Party Poker, and along the way Empire Poker, which are quite different than many other online poker rooms though they share similarities.

Quick Tips

  • Hide yourself from player search.  Do not allow sharks to stalk you around the table.  To do this, just click on “Options” and then check “Hide me from search”, and you are done.
  • Turn up your sound.  The psychological ramifications of this cannot be overlooked, trust me, listen to the chips click.
  • Turn the 4 color deck on.  Never, ever, ever mistake a diamond for a heart, or vice versa.  After many hours of play it is possible to make mistakes because your eyes get tired, so beware.  It is also helpful using the 4 color decks to quickly identify and possibly Flush draws you are up against at any given time.
  • Add maniac players, and Fish to your Buddy list.  You can do this by clicking “My Account” and then go down to Buddy List.  When you log on to Party Poker, check your Buddy list before you do anything.  Chances are you might be able to head directly to a loose game where you are already have the player pegged, which will help your chances of winning.
  • Make sure you have enough cash at whatever table you are sitting at.  Never put yourself in a position to have the Nuts, and not have enough cash to take advantage of it.
  • Do not come into a table and post the Big Blind while in early or middle position.  Wait it out, and check out what the competition is doing and wait for the Big Blind to work it’s way to you.  This will save you lots of money in the long run.  You have no idea what you could possibly be up against being the newbie at the table.  Be patient…..