We all enjoy Christmas to some degree, but one woman from Adelaide certainly didn’t go without; though it certainly took a long time. Following a huge disappointment all the way back in 2009, where casino management refused to honour the slot machine jackpot, Ms Cecilia Cubillo went an entire year without the $100,000 she won whilst playing in Adelaide Casino.

Local news publication The Advertiser reports that Ms Cubillo won the massive jackpot whilst using a video poker slot slot machine at the Adelaide Casino, but the casino refused to pay out claiming that “regulatory provisions” voided her win. Ms Cubillo is reported to have taken over from another gambler who unknowingly went home leaving the slot unattended with $1 credit still available. Adelaide Casino management claim that the situation under which Cubillo’s jackpot win occured was in violation of the gambling industry’s “existing regulatory practice” which voids any winnings acquired via credited machines abandoned by preceding gamers.

The regulation is reported to be in effect to allow players to “take a break” from gambling whilst still retaining their spot, should they wish to continue and providing they still have credit left in the machine. Cecilia Cubillo under state law won the $100,000 jackpot using money that did not belong to her, thus voiding the transaction, according to the Office of Liquor and Gambling.

Luckily for Ms Cubillo the regulatory commission reversed its decision following a review of the aforemention case, therefore requiring that Adelaide Casino to pay the full amount to her immediately. David Christian, the general manager for Adelaide Casino last week handed Ms Cubillo a cheque for $100,000 as full and final settlement. Ms Cubillo accepted Adelaide’s apology after Mr Christian’s admission of sorrow surrounding the matter, expressing that this most unfortunate episode was truly regrettable. Mr Christmas also added that the money was now in the deserving hands of its rightful owner.

“We are sorry for any stress and embarrassment caused to Ms Cubillo by this situation.” David Christian stated, continuing “Clarity is needed to determine when a gaming machine is considered abandoned and the appropriate action relating to any remaining credits.”